It's important to ensure your boiler is serviced regularly, not only to make sure it's in optimum working conditions but to protect you and your family from potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Boiler Servicing Hull

At AA Gas Service we offer comprehensive boiler servicing, comprising of a variety of cleans and checks. This also includes ensuring there's sufficient ventilation around the boiler.

It's important to make sure this ventilation is sufficient as it could reduce the chance of toxic carbon monoxide escaping from the boiler.

Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the silent killer, with symptoms including headaches, nausea, dizziness, stomach pains and difficulty breathing; it's estimated that carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 50 people every year.

Being odourless and colourless, carbon monoxide can be difficult to detect without an alarm.

Our team can provide and fit carbon monoxide alarms to ensure your family is protected. Most people don’t even know they have carbon monoxide poisoning until they're suffering with serious symptoms, but an alarm will alert you at the detection of even the smallest amount of carbon monoxide.

Boiler Repairs Hull

Boiler repairs can largely be avoided by having your boiler serviced by AA Gas Service regularly.

Regular boiler servicing will ensure your heating system runs as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your heating bills and helping to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

During the boiler service we’ll check for gas leaks and check the pressure, along with cleaning the heat exchanger and the boiler controls. We’ll also provide flue gas analysis, a gas certificate and the all-important service report.

Don’t wait until your boiler breaks down to have it serviced, when repairs could be potentially expensive and preventable. Can you really afford to be without hot water and central heating this winter, particularly with Christmas approaching and friends and family due to visit.

Our expert engineers service Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire, and are happy to discuss your requirements. Book your boiler service today, call 01482 755390.

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