It’s important to have your boiler serviced regularly, not only to keep your home and family safe, but to ensure it is working in optimal condition too.

When a boiler breaks down it can be an unexpected (and unwelcomed) cost, but having your boiler serviced regularly means that any issues which could lead to a fatal breakdown can be spotted and mitigated early on.

If one of our engineers does find a fault with your boiler, then can diagnose and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Not having your boiler serviced regularly means you could miss faults that could lead to potentially fatal levels of carbon monoxide gas being emitted into your home. 

It’s very difficult to detect this odourless and colourless gas without a carbon monoxide alarm in your home, so we would always recommend having one installed.

Another benefit of regular boiler servicing is the fact that your boiler will be working at optimal efficiency. That means never paying for more than your household energy use, keeping your home warm and your bills low.

It’s really simple to book your boiler service in Hull or the surrounding area. Just contact a member of our friendly team today on 01482 755390. Alternatively you can get in touch using our contact form which you can find here.


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