There’s nothing better than keeping your home nice and warm with a gas fire this winter, but did you know it’s crucial to get your gas fire serviced regularly to ensure it stays in tip top condition.

Here’s just a few benefits to a gas fire service with AA Gas Services:

Your Health

Perhaps the most important benefit to getting your gas fire serviced regularly, is minimising your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Dubbed ‘the silent killer’ carbon monoxide can’t be seen, smelt or tasted, making it incredibly hard to detect without a carbon monoxide alarm.

Getting your gas fire serviced with AA Gas Services will ensure we can detect and fix any problems before they begin to affect your health.

Your Pocket

Having your gas fire serviced on a yearly basis will ensure it runs at optimum efficiency, meaning you’re not using up more gas than you need to heat your room. This will help to keep your energy bills low.

We’ll even throw in a FREE carbon monoxide detector with all gas fire services – saving you a couple more quid and helping protect your family’s health!

To book your gas fire service in Hull, contact a member of our team on 01482 755390 or complete the contact form on our website here. 

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