A gas fire service not only ensures that your health is protected but also your pocket.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is usually known as the silent killer, it cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. If you regularly have a gas fire service any problems can be detected and fixed quickly without risk to your health.

As a gas safety guide, we recommend calling us as soon as possible if:

  1. The appliance is not working as well as usual
  2. The pilot light goes out
  3. Condensation has increased in the room of the appliance
  4. Instead of a blue flame there is a yellow, smaller flame
  5. Black soot like marks are near the appliance

We recommend having an annual gas fire service to help make sure that the appliance is running efficiently, this will mean you are not using more gas than is necessary and hopefully reduce the cost of your monthly bill.

For gas fire servicing in Hull, AA Gas Services cover Hull and the surrounding areas, call 01482 755390 to get booked in now.

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