Fancy saving yourself £75 per year on your energy bill? Then turn your heating down by just one degree.

That's right - according to the Energy Saving Trust, small changes like this really do add up.

When it's cold outside, there's nothing you want more than to snuggle up in your cosy, warm house. But before you turn the thermostat up, try these tips to reduce the heat loss from your home.

Move furniture around

Sofas and chairs in front of large windows won't provide a very warm space to chill out, and the heat loss from your body onto the glass will actually make you feel colder.

You should also avoid placing sofas or chairs in front of radiators as they will absorb all the heat.

Layer up

Did you know that according to Which? 15% of the heat in a room can be lost through uninsulated ground floors? No, we didn't either. Which is why adding a rug can be a stylish way to keep the heat in your home.

Check for draughts

Draughty windows and doors are a major heat loss culprit in your home! The solution doesn't need to be expensive, try some weather stripping or a draught excluder.

Keep doors closed

Keeping the doors to rooms you don't use closed will help to keep the heat where you want it - in the rooms you are actually using. It also stops cold air from spreading around the house.

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