You’ve probably heard a lot about smart meters, as these nifty little gadgets are being installed by energy suppliers in homes in Britain.

Unlike traditional energy meters, a smart meter features an in-home display which will show you how much energy you’re using in real money, as opposed to kilowatts.

How do they work?

Smart meters show you exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using each day, and how much this will cost you. Thanks to the in-home display, as opposed to the outdoor traditional meter, you can check your usage at any time.

Once a month, the smart meter will send your readings to your supplier, meaning you’ll never forget to submit meter readings again!

What are the benefits?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a smart meter, is accurate bills. We’ve all been there – a gas and electricity bill lands on our doorstep or in our inbox, and it’s far more expensive than you were budgeting for that month. Well no more. Smart meters tell you exactly how much you’re using, so estimated bills will be a thing of the past.

How do I get one?

You should ask your energy supplier for a smart meter, which will be provided and fitted at no additional cost. It’s hoped that by 2020, every one of the 26 million homes will have a smart meter.

Don’t have a smart meter yet?

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